Important Election Information!!

Don't forget to register to vote and have your voice heard! Remember, our elected officials work for US, not the other way around. 

view your sample ballot and get more election info at

The General election will be held on November 17th, 2023 

Early Voting for the General election will begin on 11/3/23 and end on 11/11/23, EXCLUDING 11/10/23

Below are the races and candidate info for statewide and Parish positions. 


Secretary Of State

  1. Gwen Collins-Greenup (DEM)
  2. Nancy Landry (REP)


Attorney General 

  1. Lindsey Cheek (DEM) 
  2. Liz Baker Murell (REP)


  1. John Fleming (REP)
  2. Dustin Granger (DEM)


Representative for District 18

  1. Jeremy Lacombe (REP)
  2. Tammi Fabre (REP)


Parish Council District C

  1. Edward "Pop" Bazille (DEM)
  2. Albert "Dewey" Dukes (DEM)

Parish Council District D

  1. Justin Deville (IND)
  2. Charles "Gumball" Watkins (DEM) 



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